Jack or Jill Hunt

I have a sneak preview for you today!

The "Jack or Jill" hunt, organised by Depraved Nation, will start on Midnight, Feb. 1st, SLT, as usual at the Razorblade Jacket Mainstore.

The hunt will have 2 paths: male and female, each of them with 50 stores. The glasses I'm wearing with the girl-outfit is from the male path so girls, it's worth to check the male gifts out aswell ;)

All stores and hints will be listed at http://www.depravednation.com

Have fun hunting!

Huntgifts marked in blue

Outfit 1:

Hair: Cobrahive - Garrus - Coffee
Eyes: [ROCKBERRY] Eyes/Hazel
Tattoo: SuPerBia
Shirt: Kennedy's
Pant: Kennedy's
Shoes: ::GB:: Leather Bootie Black
Piercing: Sour Pickles

Outfit 2:

Hair: "LoQ Hairs" Caffe Corretto - Light Brown, "LoQ Hairs" Hairbase - Light Brown
Outfit: [ SAKIDE ]
Bra: [JEM] Bo_Obs & Butt 's home -black&white-
Belt: !!KKBB!! Tess Belt - Black Cubes (by Moxie Admiral, seems store is closed)
Shoes: [ SAKIDE ]
Necklace: :Fusion: Chained Pearl Necklace (Silver)
Earrings: .phresh.
Sunglasses: K_gs
Nails: came with redMint skin, not available seperatly

Outfit 3:

Hair: Cobrahive - Garrus - Coffee
Eyes: [ROCKBERRY] Eyes/Hazel
Tattoo: ::Fe::
Pant: Kennedy's
Belt: ::GB:: loose_belt_Brack Unisex
Piercing: [-iPoke-]

Outfit 4:

Hair: Cobrahive - Garrus - Coffee
Eyes: [ROCKBERRY] Eyes/Hazel
Pant: Rispetto Designs
Shirt: Gabriel
Piercing: Sour Pickles, A:S:S



I really do suck at doing blogposts in time!
This time I almost missed to show you HoD's creation for the Horror Haute event. The event runs from January 25-31st, so you still have 2 days to grab the goodies!
Join the group to get the whole list: secondlife:///app/group/c0f8ee82-032f-6f16-c510-59563d826b83/about

About the piercings ... there's actually nothing I already told you about HoD creations, as I am wearing (and showing them off ^^) quiet often. Included in this set is the facial Piercing with and without shadows, the chest and the abdominal piercings - each in 8 metals.
Actually there's a tattoo part from KOSH included too, but I needed my tat-layer for the hair base ;)

BTW: This picture was supposed to have shadows. But after tryin for about an hour to get the damn picture done with firestorm I gave up and took it with Phoenix - in 5 minutes -.-'

Check my Flickr for another version of the pic. It wasnt suitable for the blog, but I liked it too much :D


Shape: (AMD) Lily Shape (OMG yes - I did it!! I've bought a shape! Can't believe it myself XD)
Skin: (AMD) Lily - Gothly
Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Amylee/MidNight
Eyes: [T.P]-OniCollection-Pan-Cloudless
Lingerie: *Linc* Cutieh Undie Black Sequin
Necklace: - .HoD. - Mercenary Part 2
Earrings: (AMD) Obnoxious Hoops - Black (Jack or Jill huntgift, starting at Feb 1st)
Piercing: - .HoD. - Mess Of Metal Piercing Set
Nails: SLink Jolie Sculpted Prim Nails


Wasabi Pills - Cherilyn

Hello & welcome back to my little blog entry for today!
I got a package a few days ago with the newest mesh hair from Wasabi Pills which is called Cherilyn.
I´ve taken a photo to show you how amazing the are!
Hope you like it. Have fun!

Ahh.. one thing... before I forget it... Do you see this amazing eyeshadow and gorgeous eyes?
Both designed by Naomi Afterthought. If you wanna have them, eyes (she sells 4 eyes package for 100 l$) or makeup or even both, just write a NC to her because she hasn´t a shop in SL at the moment.
But she told me that is possible that her stuff is available at marketplace in the nearer future :D

Wasabi Pills - Cherilyn

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Cherilyn - Aquatic (NEW)
Horns: Part of the V- Shadow Faun /LeatherBound - Outfit
Ears: Trapt - Drow & Elf Beastie Ears
Googles: Part of the Graves - G306 Fever
Eyes: iGaze Series - Blind by Naomi Afterthought
Lashes: Lelutka - 2011 - lashes/long
Makeup: Shymr Eyeshadow - Ocean by Naomi Afterthought
Piercing: HoD - Cathaldus Piercing
Skin: The Body Co - Ylang Ylang - Ivory
Collar: The Plastik - Recluse Collar - Black
Necklace: HoD - Fallen Necklace
Outfit + Tight: Epic - Black Ribbon Romper
Tattoo: Garden of Ku - LadyCat
Bracelet: HoD - Fallen Bracelet
Shoes: Epic - Black Bowie Chibi Chibi Boots



Stripped (redMint new releases)

Hello lovelies!

As I logged into SL today I received a review pack from Moni Schulze, creator behind redMint. I unpacked and ... squealed in joy! No greater pleasure for a skinwhore like I am as a new skinline ;)
I undressed, pulled on some nice undies, heels and -how fitting- the latest hair by redMint.

And there it is: a pretty simple look, but I hope you'll like it

>>> Taxi to redMint

I forgot! Of course there are different skintones! I am showing you pale on my picture as I always prefer the lighter tones. But maybe you like the tanned tone or the cold (did your BF turned the heater off again? *g) one better - just check it out!


Skin: ( r )M ~ (Skin) Pale ~ No.10 ~ (2)RAW (Nude)
Hair: (r)M ~ Hair No.19 (F) ~ Scandinavia Blond
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Teal 3]
Lashes: Miamai_XGen Makeup_LashNLiner *Charme*
Nails: redMint, came with skin
Lingerie: <3 LoveLace~ Applique: Rose
Shoes: :::insanya::: Harumi Day - Choco


Wasabi Pills - Nicole


Skin: -Belleza- Erika Pale group gift (old)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Nicole Mesh Hair - Black coffee (NEW!!!)
Eyes: .ID. January Gift - Deep Amber
Lashes: :: Exodi :: Eyelashes
Makeup: Nomine Tattoo eyeliner 1
Top: *Crazy* Mums Sweater
Belt: :::insanya::: Leather Belt - Black
Pant: *L.inc* Tyra Jeans Washed Black Striped w/ Flare Cuffs
Shoes: [ JP ]:dsg. Sneakers / MultiChange / GROUPGIFT
Necklace: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Necklace NOSTALGIA ~Black~


Hugo Design

Another short blog entry from my side.
Today I like to show you a hot freebie for the girls - a latex suit! *rawr*
This one is available at Hugo Designs and comes in different colors.
Here is your TAXI! Have fun! ;)

Hugo Design Freebie

Hair: Truth - Andrea - Raven
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Ultimate Eye Set - Browns
Lashes: DeeTaleZ - black shorter
Piercing: .HoD. - Parasitic Piercing Collection
Skin: Redgrave - Trinitiy - Vampire Daylight Skin
Tattoo: V Store - Nuclear Tattoo
Suit: Hugo Design - Stripped (Freebie)
Arm: Amorous - Albedo 0 Point 39
Boots: SLink - (Mesh)



Snow White

Bite my apple, choke on my kiss
Gasp for breath in my embrace
Vanity is a bliss of amazing grace
Snow-White, untouchable
Innocent whore, you´re the best of them all

I know that there have been a lot of snow white styled posts since the last groupgift from Glam Affair came out. This look was actually supposed to appear in a blogpost from Naniel, featuring the Clementine Hair by Wasabi Pills, but she finally didnt need it.
But: I loved this picture and my look so much, that I couldnt hold myself from showing it to you now :D I hope you enjoy it as much as I do



Skin: -Glam Affair -Linn Snow White- Xmas gift
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Clementine Hair - Dark flame
Ears: Illusions *~*Mystic Ears: Elfin/Naturals
Eyes: [ROCKBERRY] Eyes/Dark Brown
Lashes: -Sorry.Asia- Eyelashes -4- (closed), [ glow ] Rhapsody eyelashes - GLOW special
Dress: =RB= Little Red Dress (old huntgift)
Necklace: - .HoD. - The Path To Forgiveness
Piercing: - .HoD. - Eternal Piercing (Female)


LOTD 16-01-2012

Just a quick blog entry with some of the seasons gacha - winter items which you can find HERE ;)

LOTD - 16-01-2012

Hair: Truth - Velvet - Oasis
Ears: Gauged - Elf Ears - Stretchers (NEW)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Ultimate Eye Set - Browns
Lashes: DeeTaleZ - black shorter
Skin: Tres Blah - Gatcha Skin - Rare (Seasons Gacha - Winter)
Scarf: LeeZu - Miss Mara Scarf - ethno mauve
Jacket: Tres Blah - Cozy Cardi - Purple
Top: Whippet & Buck - Hykova Buttoned Tank - Indigo
Mittens: N - Mitton Bunny (Seasons Gacha - Winter)
Bag: Tee*fy - Mini Crossbody Bag (Seasons Gacha - Winter)
Gloves: League - Multi-Stripe SoftWool Gloves
Nails: Tiny Bird - Tiny Claws (Seasons Gacha - Winter)
Skirt: Fishy Strawberry - Aragon Skirt - Black
Socks: Action - Womens Craze Sox
Shoes: FIR&MNA - The Orann Boots - Brown



Week 3: Electric Indigo

Just a simple look for this weeks color challenge and after the bright ones for the last weeks something darker, enjoy :)


Skin: -Glam Affair- Linn Light - D CLEAN
Hair: Magika [Hair] TwentyFour
Ears: :[P]:-Ataciara-Ear
Eyes: [ROCKBERRY] Eyes/Brown
Makeup: ::Temptation:: Makeup 5 Collection Vintage
Pant: :[P]:-Aeda Slacks (Special Subscribo Ed.)
Necklace: [ skream! ] "I wear my bullets" pearls (store closed)
Belt: :::insanya::: Leather Belt - Black
Piercing: - .HoD. - Reach - Crush (NEW COLOR!!!)


Fallen Gods

Hello and welcome back to my newest blog entry. Today I have for you the newest releases from Fallen Gods.
And I´m really happy to have the possibility to show you these two amazing creations!
The first one is a skin (for female & male) called "Tao" which comes with different tattoo layers.
So you can decide if you just wear the pure black or white skin or use the tattoo for having a mix between both.
The second creation is called "Ice Crystal" (for female & male). A " winter - fairy" skin with some lovely accessoires.
Here are my pictures showing you "Tao" and "Ice Crystal". If you need a taxi? HERE it is! ;)

Fallen Gods - Tao

Credits Tao
Hair: Magika - Porcelain
Skin: Fallen Gods - Tao (NEW)

Ice Queen

Fallen Gods - Ice Crystal
Credits Ice Crystal
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Orion (Mesh)
Skin + Outfit: Fallen Gods - Ice Crystal (NEW)



Say Yes - Part II

"Say Yes" also sells casual clothes! I took a second picture with 2 of the mesh dresses and Underwear.
Here is the picture. Have fun! And don´t forget to use the TAXI!!! :D

"Say Yes "

Dress left: Say Yes - 1314
Underwear: Say Yes - 1339
Dress right: Say Yes - 1321



Say Yes...

to Chief Yellowhorse! :D
"Say Yes" and "Chief Yellowhorse" are the names of two stores which are selling western and native clothing and I got the possibility to show some of their stuff here in my little blog entry.
So if you are looking for awesome clothes for your western rpg or something similar you should take a few minutes to visit both store.
First of all I´ll show you some clothes from "Chief Yellowhorse" and after that from "Say Yes".
Hope you like them! Have fun!
Btw.. Need a Taxi? Here goes to Chief Yellowhorse & to Say Yes :)

Chief Yellowhorse

Outfit: Chief Yellowhorse - Navajo everyday clothes - blue ornament

Chief Yellowhorse

Outfit: Chief Yellowhorse - Farmer Outfit

Chief Yellowhorse

Outfit left: Chief Yellowhorse - Native Dress Blue
Outfit right: Chief Yellowhorse - POW WOW Dress - darkblue

"Say Yes"
Outfit left: Say Yes - 1344 (Mesh)
Outfit right: Say Yes - 1347 (Mesh)



Meadows of Heaven (- .HoD. - Dragon Spirals)

This picture turned out much more softer and as something completely different as I first planned. Actually my arctic fox was supposed to be shown here but theren I figured you would prefer to see the spirals how they look for real, as they are made for a human avatar.

So, Aydan lately added some more colors to the new piercing-sets. Metallic blue, purple, teal, red and pink are the new ones, the classics razor, slide and silver - which makes all together 8 colors to pick from. Also included in this Set is version for the left ear without the additional piercings.

Please note that this set will NOT be available at the HoD mainstore location. You can grab it only at the ZombiePopcorn Brand until the 21st.But you should go check the mainstore anyways :P

What I personally really adore on HoD creations is, that they are completely modify! I lost count on how many I already "destroyed" to use pieces for my different furry avatars O:-)

Besides that, just because it had happened to me today, why in the world are there still creators who sell their items no mod? I don't get it. I got a nice shirt with prim attachements and I just cant make it fit - and my shape is not that awkward. Same like hair, no mod? Why?! I'm tired of having parts of hair sticking in my neck or in my breasts -.-' Please designers: MOD is cool!!! We will still buy other colors, seriously!


Skin: .ILLUSORY. Skin_Paige_Fair - Winter A4 (LB)
Hair: [e] Later - White 05
Eyes: .ID. January Gift - Honey
Lashes: :: Exodi :: Eyelashes
Makeup: .:Glamorize:. Faded Love Lips - Nudish
Earrings: - .HoD. - Dragon Spirals (silver) NEW!!!


Week 2: Coral


Skin: !Imabee: Pale - Vivian - Vivian Couldn't Sleep (old groupgift)
Hair: [e] Breathe - Brown 04
Eyes: [ROCKBERRY] Eyes/Brown
Top: The Sea Hole - Odette Bustier - Rosey Real
Pant: *L.inc* Tyra Lowrise Jeans Flare Peach Puff
Belt: [LeLutka]-ANNA belt/dark
Shoes: ::GB:: Gladiator Sandals Brown
Necklace: [LeeZu!] Thara Necklace
Piercing: - .HoD. - Omega Nose Gauge - Slide


Week 1: Champagne

Another year, another challenge.

Luna Jubilee started the second round of her successful color challenge. This year we're starting of with: Champagne.


Skin: :[P]:-Aleksandre Beta-FLF-Ginger
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Taleen Mesh Hair - Golden (NEW!!!)
Ears: - V - Epigon Ears / Studded
Eyes: :[P]:-Vae-Remnant
Catsuit: ALESSANDRA - Halter Jumpsuit CHAMPAGNE
Shoes: Maitreya Mesh * Alexa Wedges * FLF Edition


Winterwonderland (or: Suule-Statues by Cerridwen's Cauldron)

Hey guys!

Im finally posting my very first blogentry for 2012 - yay!
And actually I'm very behind with this one, but with the changes in my life lately I had to get the control back over some things and enough to sort out. So my apologies for the readers I've badly neclegted and to Elicio who kindly sent me this creation.

Please note: Isnt that a great slideover to the actual topic? :P

So, what are we talking about in this post? About one of the bit older releases by Elicio Ember, creator behind the Cerridwen's Cauldron brand.

The Suule-Statue Flutes set comes with the 2 different column versions and with a pretty fountain (which i put in my living room :D) and each of them in 6! colors. The color featured in the pictures is tower stone, because it worked so well with the winter place I was building.
What really surprised me was that there is some "wind play" sound included. If you click on the build, a menu will popup with all the settings possible. Activated, it will play a little realaxing sound, just as the wind would sound if it would glide through the curlicues.

The flowers on the upper pictures are the Shift Thistles, also made by Elicio.

And now, as I usually tend to finish my Cerridwen's Cauldron posts:
Go there and get yourself some damn pretty things to decorate your home!


Swallow´s Flight

I´m a little bit late with this blog entry but I guess still in time ;)
Hope you like the pictures and the outfit! ^^

Swallow´s Flight

Swallow´s Flight

Hair: Truth - Blair - reds
Ears: Gauze - Mythic Ears
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Ultimate Eye Set - Browns
Lashes: DeeTaleZ - eyelashes black shorter 
Makeup+Freckles: Miss Shippe´s Studio (Collabor88) 
Skin: Tres Blah (Collabor88) 
Collar: Gritty Kitty - Watch Collar
Top: The Plastik - Swallow`s Flight - Natural (NEW)
Rings:(red)Mint - Copper Rings
Pants: GoK - Ripped Zebra Dark Blue 3
Shoes: elikatira - Secret Boots