Zombie Slam

Come on and die with the zombies in the moonlight
They become alive when you die, you cannot fool them
You got to slam with the dead and let it go now
See a thousand hallowed eyes stares into the night

On her:

Skin: al vulo- miha * black claveage peach
Hair: Action Womens Hair Polly - Bleached
Ears: - V - Epigon Ears / Chained
Eyes: :[P]:-Oni-Cloudless
Tattoo: ::Para Designs:: Absinthe
Make up: Divine - Black Night Lips
Shirt: .:Hermony:. TShirt H*K*D Black (female)
Pant: +grasp+/Leather Pants w/Hot Pants/womens/01
Shoes: (r)M~Shoe Repair "Punk Boot" ( b l a c k )
Sunglasses: Biker Sun Glasses DIABLO (my very first huntgift i ever got, not for sale anymore)
Collar: :::insanya::: Rings Collar
Necklace: - .HoD. - The Crosary - Female
Rings: [ < ] kOwP [ > ] Rings Set *=* Bound *=*
Bracelets .:Hermony:. - Wristlocker
Armwrap: Absentia - Gambler Armband
Belt: .:Hermony:. LuckyDeath Belt (black)
Piercing: [ < ] kOwP [ > ] Piercings *=* Wasted *=*
Nails: [ Love Soul ] Prim Nail*Skull-Silver*
Cigarette: .:Hermony:. / Ultimate Cigarette / Package
Weapon: -DreamWalker Designs-GraveDiggers

On him:

Skin: *KENTO* Cherish_T5 - Pure (freckles)
Hair: [Shag] - Boys Don't Cry (v.2) - espresso
Ears: AITUI - (Type 2) Stretched Ear - Elven Tilt - 1"
Eyes: .ID. Shine Eyes v2 - Light Green/Bloodshot
Tattoo: AITUI TATTOO - Rage /fresh/ I
Shirt: .:Hermony:. TShirt F***Y** Black
Pant: +grasp+/Leather Pants/01/mens
Shoes: PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColor v2
Necklace: +grasp+/Skull Necklace/mens
Bracelets +grasp+/Beed and Leather strap bracelet
Piercing: .:Hermony:. Maniac Piercing (black)
Weapon: [Black Ops] Walther P99


The Plastik - Hallo 2011 Skins

and welcome back to my little blog entry for today.
Tomorrow it´s Halloween and for you guys and girls who haven´t the right skin for this day I maybe have a lovely idea! ;)
The Plastik released the skins "Hallo 2011" (for male and female) which are covered with different creepy tattoos over the body. So you can see on the "natural" tones bones and muscles and on the dark versions scales or spider webs.
They look really awesome and I guess it´s a must-have for this Halloween!
Here is picture showing you the female skins.
So don´t forget after looking on the pictures to use this TP to the Plastik! ;)

The Plastik - Hallo 2011 Skins
Hair: Govil -Leo / Elikatira - Novel (Sale) /Govil / Elikatira - Rush (Sale) /kik
Skin: The Plastik: Hallo 2011 Skins - Dark Widow/ Dark Skele/ Light Widow/ Light Skele/ Lagoona



Kitty's Dead (Felony)

Hello there!

I received a message last week stating that Felony Skins is having a 50% sale. As I already mentioned in some posts, I adore her skins. Even as the range isnt that big, she definetely has some very very nice skins and a few clothing-sets.

On these pictures I'm wearing her latest release Poppy. It is darker as my usual skintones but that didnt keep me away, which already means much for those of you who know me a bit better, right? ;)
The eyeliner I added comes as addition for the Penelope-skin which is out for 75L for the LOW-sale til thursday. Lots of different makeups and a skin for this price, you sure dont wanna miss it.

From what Feline told me, the makeups will work with Poppy, Penelope and the newer Kalia, maybe with some of her older skins too, but that's something you have to try.

And as I'm all covered up on the upper picture, I thought I might include one where you can have a closer look on Poppy. There you go ;)

>>> Taxi

Skin: .::[ Felony ]::. Poppy *(Tan)*
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Kimmy Hair - Dark flame
Eyes: .ID. Eye Gacha! - Sweet Treats/Blackberry Jam
Lashes: [ glow ] eyelashes - Clean 01
Makeup: .::[ Felony ]::. Penelope - CatsEye (Eyeliner)
Tattoo face: *Nuuna* Mezzanine Makeup (comes with - .HoD. - Mezzanine Piercings)
Tattoo cleavage: - .HoD. - Bulletproof v2 - Razor
Shrug: =Razorblade Jacket= Black Knitted Shrug (old huntgift)
Top: Ducknipple - Peel - Gray
Skirt: Ducknipple - DN Mesh - Micro skirt :. Suede Black
Tights: came with Ducknipple - Peel - Gray
Boots: *COCO*_Knee-HighBoots
Collar: (r)M ~ Studded Collar (No.03)
Bracelets G(R)[MANDALA]Milky Way Bangle/white,
Piercing: - .HoD. - Mezzanine Piercing - v1 Razor
Bag: Motherfunken Snatchable Duffle Bag Package
Nom-nom: (-A-) Pumpkin pop (yellow) ~Halloween Gacha (available at the Depraved Nation Street Gacha Fair)

Undies on the second pic: ~Blacklace~ Tempest: Black Lace & Blk Satin Demi Bra Set


The Elvenpath (Evie's Closet)

I know, I know, we're running late on this one. But after my pc-crash I had to sort some things out first and then Naniel got sick (she's feeling a bit better now happily!) so it took us some time to meet inworld and get the snaps done.

But finally we managed it and met each other in a sandbox. Up in the sky we started pulling out loads and loads of elven and forest stuff, trees, temples, mushrooms ... 20 minutes later we said "Oh my, more of those things and we'll drown in cuteness" XD That's when we started taking the pictures.

So far this little story ahead, back to business ;)
Honestly, it's getting hard to write something new about Evie's releases as you all know I just adore them so uhm, I think I might just leave at that and let you enjoy the pics .. and go go go gooooo to her new store! From what I know she still has some cheapies out for you <3

Adaras look - on the left

Skin: ~Mynerva~ Element Water CL
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Sebastianne Mesh Hair - Deep ocean
Ears: (r)M ~ EARS ~ No.04 v.02
Eyes: Mynerva~Elemental eyes plain
Tattoo: :[P]:- Demon Fades- Tattoo-Nautical
Dress & Wings: *Evie's Closet* Damselfly - Azure
Feet: SLink Jolie Pied v2.0 3 Barefeet Pointe
Parasol: :+:SS:+: Daisy Parasol

Naniels look - on the right

Hair: Truth - Claudia - Jupiter
Eyes: The Plastik - Seelie-Fire
Primeyes: Malfean Visions - (part of the last twisted hunt item)
Skin: The Plastik - Aleria-Elven Skin - Chai - Beautiful
Outfit & Wings: *Evie's Closet* - Damselfly - Flame
Parasol: Epic - Rickety Mushie [Raining] Parasol - Peach
Feet: SLink - Jolie Pied v2.0 Barefeet Tiptoes


(red)mint No.15

Welcome back to my newest little blog entry.
Today I have the newest hairstyle from (red)Mint for you!
The hair comes with the cap and it has the possibility to change the small little face from happy to sad to furious and all the slighty moods between the 3. :D
So come on and try the the new hair No.15 and show everyone how your feelings are today ;)
Here is the picture to it, have fun everyone ;)

(red)Mint - Hair No.15

Hair: (red)Mint - No.15 - Amber Gold (NEW)
Horns: Panda Express - Destiny Horns
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Vampire Eyes (Current Zombie Popcorn Hunt Item)
Piercing: .HoD. - Silentium Piercing Collection
Skin: The Plastik - Aleria - Seashell-Flush
Dress: ROOTS - OOD10002
Tattoo: V - Equilibrium
Tail: Gauze - Yokai Tail - Natural Tones
Nails: Je suis - Basic Nails + Addons
Boots: Ayara - Seduction Boots - Black (Lucky Chair)



Graves - The Cat

A few days ago I saw a preview picture from the newest Suit "The Cat" from Graves and was totally fascinated because I love suits, I love cats and the mix of both is supersexy *meow*
So it is a must have for all of those who feels similar! ;)
The Outfit is available with the suit and the mask (you can wear the outfit with or without mask) + ears, goggle (you can wear it on the head and on the eyes), a cute collar and a whip for the right leg!
Here are my pictures to the outfit, hope you like them and of course the newest creation
- "The Cat" =^.^=

Graves - The Cat

Graves - The Cat
Eyes: The Plastik - Seelie-Blu
Primeyes: Malfean Visions - (part of the last twisted hunt item)
Skin: LAQ - Elena - Pale
Outfit: Graves - 356 The Cat (NEW)
Shoes: Graves - G101 Alpha Boots - Black

Place: City of Lost Angels

Need a TAXI? ;)



Sent By The Devil (Devious Mind)

Spirits coming from the mind,
waking up my deepest horrors,
capture my thoughts, make me blind.

Weird, ‘cause I don't want to see
the abyss of my possibilities.

Scared I can't look away.

It has come to my side.
Sister demon - my bride.

I want you, I need you
and I have set you free.
You're always right behind me,
I know the devil's sent you to me.
You want me, you need me,
now that I've set you free.
Look always right behind you,
You know the devil's sent me to you.

What has started as a longing
almost is possession now,
it drives me again and again.
Put a light into your window,
maybe I can find a hold.
I run against myself ‘till I find the end.

Sent by the devil

Sister Demon:

Skin: **Firefall** G2 Isabeau Skin/ Violet 1
Hair: (Milana) Hair - Jessicy
Ears: Illusions *~*Fairy Ears: Fantasy
Horns: .{Rue}. Horn'd/Hunter: SummerStorm (ridged), (all horns were free @ Innsmouth)
                  .{Rue}. Horn'd/Sentinel: SummerStorm (ridged),
                  .{Rue}. Horn'd/Vestal: SummerStorm (ridged)
Eyes: :[P]: Frozen Soul - PinkRain
Lashes: [ glow ] Eyelashes - Devilicious 00
Makeup: - DAMNED - Tribal Make up w/ PoutyLips
Tattoo: AITUI TATTOO - With Force We Go
Outfit: !dM MissDhalia patriarch (old huntgift)
Shoes: !Drakke! "Elektra" Fetish Boots (Black/Black Heels)
Collar: Cobrahive - Metaru Collar
Piercings: [ < ] kOwP [ > ] Piercings *=* Wasted *=*, [ < ] kOwP [ > ] Piercings ~ Decadence ~
Garter: ~Blacklace~ Trouble: Black Lace Garter w/Gun
Crop: Chanimations (* FetishCabaret Riding Crop 1 **Black/Silver**


The Plastik - Aleria - Elven Skins ....

... or in other words I´M SOOO IN LOVE!!!!
Yeah Aikea, owner of The Plastik did it again! She released her new skin series "Aleria"and "Averian" a few days ago and ... omg.... they are awesome!!
There are sooooo many different shades of color, each with lots of makeups AND don´t forget the new eyes which are also included!
It was very difficult to choose from all the skins a few for my pictures, because they are all lovely... sooo.. I decided to show you some of the lovely "Aleria - Elven" skins.
I guess some colorful tones brings a lot of fun to these cold autumn days!
And I hope that those who are playing rpg in SL get some new inspiration for their character.
So have fun and don´t forget to take a few minutes to get the demos ;)

The Plastik - Aleria Skin
Hair: Truth - Enix / kik - fine (edited) / ploom - Sage /(red)Mint - No.12 (NEW) /(red)Mint - No.14 (NEW) /.b - bound / Wasabi Pills - Mimi / lamb - Bimbo
Eyes: The Plastik - Aleria/Averian Eye Collection (NEW)
Teeth: PXL
Skin: The Plastik - Aleria Elven Skin - Amethyst / Angel / Earthern / Rasp / Kaiyuna / Moss / Ultraviolet / Willow (all NEW!!)

The Plastik - Aleria Skin
Credits left top
Hair: (red)Mint - No.09
Horns: Trap - Obsidian Crown
Eyes: The Plastik - Aleria/Averian Eye Collection (NEW)
Skin: The Plastik - Aleria Elven Skin - Ultraviolet (NEW)
Gloves: Pixels - Demonbaby Gloves - black
Feet: Rublik - Digi Strap Stompers Reloaded

Credits right top
Hair: Discord - Aura - Savoir Collection (Freebie)
Ears: Pan.Demic (part of the female coal faun)
Eyes: The Plastik - Aleria/Averian Eye Collection (NEW)
Skin: The Plastik - Aleria Elven Skin - Chai (NEW)
Top: EMO-tions - TERRA NOVA
Faunparts: Visavi - Der´An Set - Rusty

Credits left bottom
Hair: ploom - Hoodoo
Eyes: The Plastik - Aleria/Averian Eye Collection (NEW)
Skin:The Plastik - Aleria Elven Skin - Kaiyuna (NEW)
Outfit: Rude - Haud Deus (female)

Credits right bottom
Hair: kik - fine (edited)
Eyes: The Plastik - Aleria/Averian Eye Collection (NEW)
Skin: The Plastik - Aleria Elven Skin - Moss (NEW)
Mermaid: Evie´s Closet - Lumina Nymph



Lip Gloss And Black (Jane, Just You, Slink)

Get the look:

Skin: ( R E D ) M I N T ~ No.01 paleSKIN
Hair: (Posh) ; Sugar ; Midnight
Ears: ( R E D ) M I N T ~ (ELF) EARS
Eyes: :[P]:-Oni-Cloudless
Lashes: [ glow ] eyelashes - Clean 01
Makeup: [ a.e.meth ] - Applecheek Blush (Rose D), Miamai_LesMakeups_Shadow 01
Jacket: *Just Me* Jacket Rachel Black
Top: jane.femme.lace cami.rd delicious
Skirt: JANE - maxi skirt.meena.charcoal (Mesh)
Shoes: SLink Cassandra Heels Black
Necklaces: *** Just You *** Key of Love women, *** Just You *** Necklace For You women Black


Mocca chocalata ya ya (Devious Mind)

You know I'm always tryin to find a song to accompany my blogposts with. As much as I loved taking those picture, I finally couldnt figure out a good song to go with - so I put the pictures aside again.
Then on yesterday it suddenly struck my mind: Of COURSE! Lady Marmalade might be perfect for this. The pictures took a little bit time but finally here they are.

If you've ever been to Devious Mind before, you might have recognized the outfit in these pictures already. Wait what, you've never been to DM? You have to! Not that they have gorgeous burlesque based clothes, they sure have some fancy props & poses and you can try them all in a great sim-setting.

The Showtime Couture outfits come with all the options you can see in the pictures, also included are different fans (I'm showing you the smaller ones here), a cane and 4 stoles, each with another pose to hold it.

As this post is dedicated to Devious Mind, the cage (with pose) and the theatre I'm posing in are also from this stores. My post is finished now, I hope you enjoy the pictures and run over now to explore ..and play with the kinky toys ;)

=> Taxi, follow the red arrow if it doesn't take you directly to the clothing-section


Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Grace_Porcelain - Cherry Blossom 1 (not sure if this still is available)
Hair: [e] Again - Blonde 02
Ears: Illusions *~*Fairy Ears: Fantasy
Eyes: :[P]:-Vae-BeautyPink
Lashes: [ glow ] eyelashes - Clean 01
Makeup: - DAMNED - Tribal Make up w/ PoutyLips
Tattoo: .::BAD::. Cherry Blossom Night
Outfit: deviousMind: ShowTime CouturePack *WINTERBURLESQUE*
Shoes: [e] Move Pumps - Pearl
Necklace: .:A&M:. Caged Pearls Necklaces - Coper Gold



Omg omg omg omg :D

My last post was the 200th on this blog - woohoo


Back From The Dead! (Wasabi Pills)

>>Dream Evil - Back From The Dead<<

Yeah baby, yeah - I'm back from the dead!

Almost true, my damn mainboard died and it took me 3 weeks to get a new one - damn travelling. But finally I made it back and I brought you hair. More hair from Wasabi Pills.

Enjoy <3


Top left - /Wasabi Pills/ Kiki Act II
Skin: : HS : Illusion : Tairrie (c) freckle
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Kiki Act II Hair - Tangerine
Eyes: :[P]:-Vae-Remnant
Tattoo: Endless Pain - Arcane Mystic 1
Teeth: ~Mynerva~Teeth 3
Dress: [N.w.] Wrapped (incl. boots)

Top right - /Wasabi Pills/ Ryoko
Skin: : HS : Illusion : Pretty in Pink
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ryoko Hair - Ethereal
Eyes: .ID. Eye Gacha! - Spring Eyes/Wet Sand
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo Nearby Universe MM908
Dress: :[P]:-Sohri-Corset- Purple
Shoes: [PM] Pixel Mode: Fae [A] White
Glasses: Lya - Adonia Sunglasses
Necklace: ::je::suis::tente::sky::necklace
Bracelets: ::je::suis::tente::sky::bracelets
Earrings: ::je::suis::tente::sky::earrings

Bottom left - /Wasabi Pills/ Juliette
Skin: LAQ ~ Vilda 02 [Fair] Glow skin
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Juliette Hair - Wild honey
Eyes: :[P]:-Vae-Fool
Lashes: [ glow ] eyelashes - Clean 01
Tattoo: .:: Delusions ::. Regrets Leg Tattoo
Top: [BUKKA]cut&sewn ::rose::
Pant: [BUKKA]damage denim ::light wash:: sellbox
Shoes: [BUKKA]knit boots ::hud color select::
Hat: .:.*{ S.G }*.:. cowgirl Hat (Josie-outfit)
Necklace: .:.*{ S.G }*.:. Necklace (Josie-outfit)
Chew-thingie:.:.*{ S.G }*.:.Spike on mouth (Josie-outfit)

Bottom right - /Wasabi Pills/ Nami
Skin: (Dernier Cri) Charlotte [Cream] - Scene: Dust/Freckles
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Nami Hair - Night shadow
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Teal 3]
Makeup: - DAMNED - Tribal Make up w/ PoutyLips
Tattoo: AITUI TATTOO - Cherry Blossoms
Top: *Just Me* Top Katy Black
Corset: :[P]:-Ambrice Corset-J-Ruffle-Glory
Pants: SLink Buckle Pants Red
Shoes: Illusions *~*Cavalier Boots: Fop/Strapped/Small
Belt: .:A&M:. Metal Loop Belt - Dark
Necklace: *HAMIs* ACC_ LongLuxuryNecklace*