Nikita Fride

*raaaaawwwrrr* ... oooh.. sorry..... but since yesterday you can hear me purr the whole day.
And I can do nothing against it. The reason why I am doing this is.... I´m wearing the new skins, hairs and eyelashes from nikita fride! *meow* The skin "Ambition" I´ll show here comes with hairbase/no hairbase option and is amazing for fantasy rpg (maybe a good reason to start again with this one). The golden parts of the skins remembers me a little bit of hot lava which runs over the complete body. Very cool, in my opinion!
So here are two pictures to show you this hot one *raawwwrrrr*

Hair: Lamb - Honey - Rotten carrot/ Nikita Fride - Ambition Dread Hair
Skin: Nikita Fride - Ambition
Eyes: The Plastik - Haunt Collection - Hera´s Gold
Eyelashes: Glam Affair - Regina - Eyelashes 04

Gorgeous, isn´t it? Another lovely work from nikita are the new eyelashes, which I wanna also show here

top row from left to right
Nikita Fride - Bliss
Nikita Fride - Indulgence
Nikita Fride - Jewels

bottom row from left to right
Nikita Fride - Rainbow
Nikita Fride - Vengeance
Nikita Fride - Vengeance (bottom decorated)

Other new skins and hair from Nikita Fride will shown later from Adara and Kai, so don´t miss their blog entry ;)

At the end I want to say thank you to nikita fride for her amazing stuff! <3

Naniel Finlayson


52 weeks of color challenge - electric lime

Electric lime? ..... Okay.... this is really a challenge... but here I am...

Read about the look:
Magika - Paisley - blond
Skin: Grixdale - Teagan - latte - cozy - Blond brows
Eyes: Hermony - R-Eyes - H2O
Eyelashes: Glam Affair - Regina - Eyelashes 04
Face Tattoo: Tuli - Parted Lips - 7 (gift)
Piercing: kOwP - Caution & Justice
Earrings: Glamourous
Tattoo: V - Tape wings
Top: LIF(Lost in fashion) - Tank - lovekills - lime
Skirt: Sweetest Goodbye - Tik Tak - yellow
Socks: Izm - tearing - leaf socks
Nails: MonS - Nails - Sugar cat (gift)
Shoes: Akeyo - Knittboots

Naniel Finlayson


16: Teal - for the 52 weeks of color Challenge

Yeah, teal! Uhm ... teal? Okay i have LOTS of clothes ... which are not teal lol
So i went for stockings hehe

Have fun :D

Read about the look:

Skin: LAQ ~ Elena 06 [Pale] Glow skin
Hair: Exile Agyness/bluevelvet
Hairbase: Tiny Bird - Blacks Pack Hair Base
Ears: [ OB ] Snakecuff Elf Ears Human Silver
Eyes: - V - Shallow Grave Eyes
Lashes: [ glow ] eyelashes - Clean 01
Stockings: :::Sn@tch Skull Tights (Teal):::
Shoes: Absolution - Shane Ruffle Heels Black
Nails: [ Love Soul ] Prim Nail*Skull-Silver*
Horns: ][.R.][ Horned ~ The Chirurgeon (old groupgift)


It´s time for Carnival!

Or in other words, put on your wild´n freaky outfits and shake your hips!!! ;)
If you haven´t nothing to wear, maybe I have here something for you. A really cool outfit with lots of pretty details. And now the best thing - the outfit and the shoes are for free!!! Yeeeahhh!!!

Read about the look:
Shag - Forget me knot - kitten
Skin: Grixdale - Teagan - Cream - Blonde
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Poison Ivy
Face Tattoo: Tuli - Parted Lips - 7
Outfit: Devious Mind (current lucky board items)
Shoes: Shiny Things - Delphines - Gold ( subscriber gift)

Naniel Finlayson


52 weeks of color challenge - teal

*puuuhhh* .... a few days with bigger pc problems as I thought.. but now I have some minutes for two short blog entrys ;)
This is the first one - the current color challenge.
Normally I don´t edit my pictures because you want to see how the outfit will looks like in SL and not my skills in photo-editing programms.... But this time I felt like changing it a little bit would look awesome to it .... I hope you like it!

Read about the look:
Truth - Mariska
Skin: Plastik - Ataciara - Poem - Inhibitor
Wings: BOOM - Aranel´s Diamond Heart Wings - teal (lucky board item)

Naniel Finlayson


(Red) Mint

First of all I´m sorry that it took so much time for this blog entry! (had some computer problems....)
But now I´m here to show you a skin which matches perfectly to some of my fantasy outfits I really love! This skin is from (red) mint and looks amazing! Each skin comes with dark/light eyebrows option, hairbase and nails.
But... once again.. I guess a pictures speaks more then 1000 words ;)

If you wanna have this skin (and I´m sure you will) or one of the other wonderful skins from (Red) Mint you can get them on the current vanity universe skin fair 2011!
So don´t forget to make a stop at (Red) Mint and try the demos! ;)

Read about the look:
Lamb - Poppyseed - Milk
Skin: (Red) Mint - Dead - War
Horns: Illusion - Cernwn Horns
Eyes: negaposi - Glass Eyes - Mad
Eyelashes: DeeTaleZ - Eyelashes black shorter
Face Tattoo: Tuli - Parted Lips - 7
Outfit: Trap - Ghost Hakama

Naniel Finlayson

I wanna say thank you to Moni Schulze for the possibility to show her wonderful skin in our blog! Thank you very much! <3

(Unfortunately.... I had more pictures for you.. but my computer crashed this morning.. and I lost nearly everything which was on my computer -.-
So I´m really sorry for this.... )


Skinfair 2011 starts in 4 hours!

Are you all excited yet? :D

I could take a peek yesterday and was grabbing a bunch of demos, a BUNCH, I swear! Blew my inventory of with like 1200 items ... woah XD I havent tried them all yet XD The first one I tried was -what wonder- Glam Affairs Mary and I love it! BUT! As I am following the feeds I know that there are already many reviews for this skin out so you won't see another one from me XD

Thats why this post will be focused on a creator I tried the first time: Rozena.
Usually I'm not much into this cute kind of skin but those ones are really really pretty and I like them very much on my shape :D What I like most is: there was no need to tweek my shape *hehe* I hate doing that! My shape is perfect as it is XD
The skin self is smooth and I'm in love with those cute freckles :D Only a little touch of makeup gives these skins a natural look. Each skin comes with a freckled and a clean version, the fatpack includes the 6 different makeups per tone also with and without freckles. Please note for the pictures, there was no post processing besides cropping and giving them a frame, dont they look just great? And now: Let pictures talk!

Rozena Paris Pale:

Rozena Paris Tan:

Eyes: *Sin Skins* Intense II Light Gray eyes
Hair: >TRUTH< Joanna - blood
Undies: *BOOM* I Promise (yellow and baby blue)
Pose: Olive Juice- Boy Howdy (upper), Olive Juice- Flirty Ruffles (lower)


A touch of summer

Come on over have some fun
Dancin´ in the morning sun
Lookin´ to the brandnew sky
Come and let your spirit fly

Yes thats what I suddenly had in mind as I was working on the pictures for this summer outfit :D

I'm just tired of winter and I so wouldnt complain if it would finally start to get warmer outside *narf*

How you may notice this post places one great store in the middle: yes, it's The Plastik - once more and another one I'm working on is planned *laughs* This look was inspired of the lazy sunday skins Aikea released 2 weeks (or 3?) for this event. I put it together and was wearing it for like 3 days (which is pretty long for me XD) and now i decided: We need more warm colors in our blog and therefor it needs to get blogged. I am not sure, if the skins are still out (for regular price) but as she has so much great stuff in her store it's worth to go there anyways. She always offers a huge range of colors for her clothes and also for the skins, so you surely will find your favorite.

Read about the look:

Skin: :[P]:-Ataciara-Elven-Cosmic Love-Cleavage-Aphrodite
Hair: Magika // Veruka II
Ears: [T.P]- Animalistic Elven Ear- Cosmic Love (came with skin)
Eyes: :[P]: VaeColl.-BeautyPink
Lashes: *K-Design* Lashes ~ Classy (light) (black)
Dress: [Plastik]-Jaida Dress-Peach
Shoes: *X*plosion Beauty Shoes (brown)
Jewelry: .:A&M:. Messed Memory Wire Set - Black&Gold, [AB] Sweet Stacked Rings - Onyx
Piercings: [ < ] kOwP [ > ] Piercings *=* Special Needs 2 *=*
Bag: Indy & Co.: "Fab" Hobo: Red


A fairytale

Wanna be part of a fairytale? With the new skins from The Plastik it is possible!
I was so excited as I saw them this morning on flickr and they are pretty awesome and look very cute on my shape... and I guess on yours too ;)
I like the soft, warm tones and small details every skin has and which make that they look more realistic then older coloured skins for fairys, elves and other little mystical creatures.
Every skin comes with cleavage option and elven ears.

So I´ll show you now 3 of the 20 amazing new skin tones which you can buy at The Plastik <3

Hair: Tekeli-li - Hali
Skin: The Plastik - Muted Ataciara Skin - Izmir
Eyes: The Plastik - Haunt Collection - Frost
Eyelashes: DeeTaleZ - Eyelashes black shorter
Face Tattoo: Tuli - Parted Lips - 7
Outfit: Solange - Traction Silk - Blue
Tattoo: V - Arcane Tattoo

Shag - He love me knot - starlight
Skin: The Plastik - Muted Ataciara Skin - Honeycomb
Horns: Illusions - Cernwn Horns
Eyes: The Plastik - VaeColl. - Mermaid
Eyelashes: DeeTaleZ - Eyelashes black shorter
Outfit + Hooves: P E R A by Digi Pera

Lamb - Poppyseed - Milk
Skin+Ears: The Plastik - Muted Ataciara Skin - Soar
Eyes: The Plastik - Haunt Collection - SheThing
Eyelashes: DeeTaleZ - Eyelashes black shorter
Outfit: Wishbox - Cassiopeia - Silver Snow

At the end I wanna to say thank you to Aikea Rieko for these lovely skins!! <3

Naniel Finlayson


Blacklace - the second

Helloooooo it's me again!

In my last post I told you, that I already have some pictures ready to show - so here is the post for them :D

A bit ago I took pics with the great corset "Worship" by Blacklace, this time we will take a closer look at Harlequin and P.S. I Love you corset. On this point have to send a HUGE thank you to my hubbie for saving me from wearing pink XD Your "sissy" really looks better in it *smirks*

Adara (blue):

Skin: [ROMI SKIN]Cat L09-1(tooth1)
Hair: >TRUTH< Miranda - almond ([rQ]Deep on the couple-shot) Ears: - V - Epigon Ears / Studded
Eyes: [Plastik]- Haunt Collection-Frost
Lashes: B[u]Y Me Lashes & Eyeliner
Corset & Garters: ~Blacklace~ Harlequin: Blue Lace & Velvet Cincher Set
Shoes: Isaura - Christina Silver
Collar: [SKD] Sassy Collar Silver
Necklace: *LC* - Gabriella Necklace chest (prolly old huntitem)
Bracelets: *LC* - Gabriella (old Huntitem)
Garter: [SKD] Sassy Garter Silver
Piercings: A&A Fashion Piercing silver
Nails: [ Love Soul ] Posing nail*Square-Glossy French*9 colors

Olympe (pink):

Skin: *CUPCAKES - Allure - Copper - Dark Brow - Rave
Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Mai" (Topaz)
Eyes: MADesigns SOUL eyes ~ multi 1
Lashes: Symphony Skins- Sculpted Lashes
Corset: ~Blacklace~ P.S. I Love you Pink Satin Corset (stockings and garter included)
Shoes: Silver Valentina (Designs by Isaura)
Jewelry: ~Blacklace~ Charm Braclet: Silver - cross white collar (Zen Creations) - [Trixxy's] Skull Ring (Girls)
Piercings: [-iPoke-] SeaRing - [OMFG] (HS) Corset of Betrayal
Nails: ..::MAI::.. Gift Red Nails (Gloves)


15: Red – for the 52 weeks of color Challenge

I've been a very very bad blogger lately, shame on me :P I took many pics but just didnt feel to finish them in photoshop. Was working on few of them today (for me: yesterday :P) so I will have something to post during last days. For now I'm just happy that this stupid V-day (mania) is finally OVER! YEAH!! This pink everywhere really killed me -.- So I was hiding in a cute, little and dark skybox to take my pics for my red post. Which was surprisingly easy - because lazy me used an outfit which I already put together weeks ago hehe. And here we go:

Read about the look:

Furry: Kinzart Kreetures - Arctic Fox
Piercings on head: - .HoD. - Heavy Metal Kit - Silver Lining
Piercings on ears: ipoke, random piercings destroyed to fit ears
Hair: Magika - Robin (B&W: Charcoal)
Jacket: .+*Cipher*+. Riders Jacket ++Shawty++ [Black]
Top: [ skream! ] "Sai" top - red
Belt: ::{Favole}:: Careless
Pant: [][]Trap[][] Blood Lace Pants
Necklace 1: ! :Little Pricks: The Keyholder Necklace
Necklace 2: [ skream! ] "I wear my bullets" pearls
Necklace 3: [ skream! ] dewdrop. strings of pearls

Please note: [skream]-items are not longer out for sale


52 weeks of color challenge - red

Here I am with the current color challenge - this week it´s red!

Read about the look:
Shag - Love Is A Battlefield - kitten
Skin: The Plastik - Muted Ataciara Skin - Anjou (current lazy sundays item)
Ears: Wynx - Neko Set - Black
Eyes: The Plastik - Haunt Collection - Lyahra
Eyelashes: DeeTaleZ - Eyelashes black shorter
Face Tattoo: Tuli - Parted Lips - 7 (gift)
Top: The Plastik - Minimalist Bands - crimson
Pants: The Plastik - Minimalist Bands - crimson
Tattoo: V - Arcane Tattoo
Tail: Hocico - Machina - Black
Paws: Hocico - Cheshire Paws
Nails: Virtual/Insanity (old gift)
Jewelry: Mariposa - Severus
Bird: Gritty Kitty - Tastey Bird

Naniel Finlayson


The dark fairy

A few days ago the lovely Evangeline Miles, the creator behind *Evie's Closet*, released her new gown: Coppelia.

It comes with 2 different corset styles and one skirt option for shorter and one for taller avatars. The gown self is available in 6 different colors.

What absolutely amazes me on all her gowns: You never have any alpha layer glitching!!! You know, this "Oh, im standing on a transparent ground ... now I can't see my skirt" or those funny "I look pretty ... when I stand still and not doing any movement". She is the evidence that it is possible to look REALLY pretty in gowns - especially while dancing. You never see some leg looking through the skirts, thats what I was looking for so long!

And now please enjoy the dark version of Coppelia:

OMG! I totally forgot!
She made also pretty cute capes to go with the gown which are sold separate. I am not showing the black one in the pictures because of the wings ;) But I will show you the red version in a few days and then you can take a look at the cape :)

Read about the look:

Skin: *~{Frick} Dragonfly L'Exposition - Noir - Dk Brows - Clvg
Hair: [rQ]Fay~trueTEAL
Ears: [ OB ] Snakecuff Elf Ears Human Silver
Eyes: [Plastik]-Maleficus-Bahemme-Lime
Tattoo 1: Tattoo Angels&Demons_GoK_soft 1
Tattoo 2: :Little Pricks: Pain 1
Wings: Material Squirrel - Arawn Wings 4.2.1
Gown: *EC* Coppelia - Night Orchid
Gloves: [ bubble ] Laced Corset Green Gloves
Shoes: .+*Cipher*+. Belted Boots ++Strangle II++ [ Black ]
Necklace: =^.^= NIKITA FRIDE - Pearl Necklace Spider
Choker: Absentia - Pleasure is Pain - Choker
Piercing: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Piercing :: GANESH ::
Bracelet: Absentia - Pleasure is Pain - Armband
Armwrap: Absentia - Pleasure is Pain - Armband

PS: As always, there is no post processing on the colors. It's all ingame graphics and the only thing we "fixed" are 2 strands of hair sticking through my body and making me unhappy XD


One day.... Paris

Read about the look:
Hair: - Kate - Moody Brown
Skin: Grixdale - Emery - sugar - Be mine .... Taxi?
Glasses: Miel - Pilot Peepers
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Dark wood
Face Tattoo: Asha & Co. - Love you Lip Tattoo
Top: 7Style - TR-57 Jacket (Promo Free Item)
Pants: League - Booty Shorts - D. Blue
Belt: Manna - Montmatre Belt
Leggins: Amerie (Gatcha Item)
Shoes: Chucks Shoes - Teddy Love by marie Ruggles
Nails: Rezipsa Loc - Taste the Rainbow Nails (1l$ Gift)

Naniel Finlayson



First I have to say: I'm not a big fan of premade shapes. They sure may have their place and some are really cute, but honestly: do you wanna look like so many others? Especially those 2.30m high walking sticks ...

What "inspired" me for this post is ... I was hunting yesterday and right now I'm unpacking and tryin the gifts. And one of the gifts I got was a shape - you sure can imagine how amased I was, right? :D But hey - give it a try, I told myself. And I did ... and was like ... OMG WTF is that! I was wearing one of my favorite Glam Affair skins at this time but I even tried it with one of the pretty Ataciara from The Plastik. This shape makes you just look as you had a cosmetic surgery which went badly wrong, look at the eyes!!!!

I just don't get how someone can create something like that and even sell that!!! I mean okay, it IS just a gift but ... arg! Thats really not a good advertisement and for my part I know, where I will never go *shudders*


I´m in love....

... yeah i really am in love with the these two new skins Emery - "Valentine" and "Be mine"from Grixdale!
The skins come in 6 different skin tones (paper, mint, sugar, honey, caramel and mocha) and each tone package contains 2 make-ups, cleavage option and hairbase tattoos.

...i could tell you for hours now how beautiful the skins are but in my opinion a picture can tell you more about it then 1000 words, so .... here are some pictures showing the skintone Emery - sugar Valentine/Be mine <3

Read about the look:
Exile - Pandora - chestnut
Skin: Grixdale - Emery - sugar Valentine(first picture and second picture on the right side) and Be mine (second picture on the left side) .... Need a Taxi?
Lashes: Glam Affair - Regina
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Dark wood
Choker: Virtual/Insanity - Festival De Montmartre - White

Naniel Finlayson

At the end I just wanted to say thank you to Tyr Rozenblum for these amazing skins!


My Depraved Valentine

Yeah it's true - Razorblade Jacket is sponsoring ist next hunt: My Depraved Valentine.

The hunt already started on the first of february and I know I'm running late :P But it was a really really REALLY (did I say really?) hard job to convince myself in wearing ... pink. Honestly, there is no color I like less then that lol but hey, if I do something, then I'll do it right. So today I felt like doing something crazy and finally ended up in a pink dress with light pink hearts. To make it not too cute I added some spikes I found at >>> moloko <<<. From a Sim-Hunt at Neko last year I got some boots from .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - woohoo for having an unsorted inventory *grins*

The starting point for the hunt is as usual Razorblade Jacket Mainstore and it will run until feb 28th. And Heather ... you know I'm wearing that pink only for you :P

Read about the look:

Skin: !Imabee: Mrs. Pinkie McSnuggles / Frec / Clea /
Hair: Magika Hair - Emo Chick - Dark Pink
Ears: [Pumpkin] Elven ears vol.2
Eyes: [T.P]-Frozen Soul Right-PinkRain
Lashes: [DK] Deviant Prim Lashes 01
Dress: =Razorblade Jacket= My Depraved Valentine Pink Heart Dress (incl. Gloves & Socks)
Gloves: AVid: NeoGirlie - Gloves (part of an Outfit)
Belt: Ducknipple - Retro toys belt
Leggins: AVid: NeoGirlie - Underwear & Stockings
Stockings: :::Sn@tch Skull Tights (Black):::
Shoes: .:* LOULOU&CO *:.- Boots :: GRAPHIK :: Pink
Necklace: *UN!* Vampyre Fang Vial Necklace Ladies Long Black on Chest
Choker: >>> moloko <<< Choker Handcuffs small
>>> moloko <<< Armwrap Pogo black left big
>>> moloko <<< Cuffs Pogo black
Legwraps: >>> moloko <<< Box Legwraps Black
Piercing Lip: ALPHA-DELTA DESIGNS - Chained skull lip piercing
Piercing Eye: <DK> Din
Piercing Nose: kOwP - Special Needs 2
Nails: *Deviant Designs* Twisted Nails


14: Black – for the 52 weeks of color Challenge

I'm not really talkative today so this will be just a short post. One thing to say: HOLY SHIT BLACK WAS HARD! Not that I have nothing in this color ... I just have too much!!! Like half of my inventory is black, either more -.-' But finally I (better say: we XD) made a decision.

And yes, i really do like this couch :P

Read about the look:

Skin: - Glam Affair - Summer Skin [ Platinum Hunt ]
Hair: Exile Cassandra greystone
Ears: [Pumpkin] Elven ears vol.2
Eyes: :[The Plastik]:-Frozen Soul-Toxic
Lashes: (amper) frequency hijack : lashes
Tattoo: :[The Plastik]:- Feathers-Worn-Face
Dress: :[The Plastik]:-SummerLove-J-Denali
Garter: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Garter " Rosa Crux "-
Stockings: *Sheer* Tights 06: Torn Dots Black
Shoes: Neurolabs - Ultimate Boots black
Collar: Blackstar Inc. ~The Cross Choker~
Belt: *COCO*_gift-belt
Tapes: *Luck Inc.* *SL* Finger Tapes
Piercings: - .HoD. - Scorpio Piercing - Silver Lining
Nails/Bangles: *X*plosion B.A.N.GALLANT


Grixdale - PreRelease!

Okay... Take out your appointment calender.... go to the day february 11th 2011.. got it? ok, and now make a big red X on this day! Yeah fine! ..umm... you asking why you should do that?! Because on february 11th will be opining at Grixdale!!! *delirious with joy* So don´t miss it!

So here you see one of the newest cute tops from Grixdale :)

Read about the look:

Hair: Truth - Boho - ivory
Skin: Grixdale - Ouch!Black Ice is Hazardous Cream (holiday gift)
Face Tattoo: Cheap Makeup - Wind Chill (season hunt item)
Piercing: kOwP - Justice
Lashes: Glam Affair - Regina
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Dark wood
Scarf: Split Pea - It´s so cold (season hunt item)
Top: Grixdale - Simply Tanks - Striped - Brown
Underwear: DeeTaleZ (groupgift)
Skirt: DeeTaleZ - hot mini skirt - tweed brown
Gloves: League - Multi-Stripe Softwool Gloves

Naniel Finlayson


52 weeks of color challenge - black

Hooorrayyy *jumps around* this week it´s getting hot with the newest color challenge - black. I had a lot of ideas for this week, but this outfit is still my favorite!!! Why? Because it´s *rawr*!!! ;) So here are the shops with their wonderful stuff that makes your sexy ava much hotter! <3

Read about the look:

Hair: Truth - Mariska - coolmint
Horns: Insufferable Dastard - ID Plain Antler (second life marketplace)
Skin: Plastik - Ataciara - Poem - Inhibitor
Face Tattoo: Little Pricks - War Paint
Piercing: kOwP - Justice
Lashes: Glam Affair - Regina
Eyes: By Ruina Kessel - unfortunately not longer available :(
Ears: Trap - Beastie - Drow-Elfs
Outfit: Graves - Defence
Graves - Alpha Boots
Tattoo: V - Arcane Tattoo
Tail: Gauze - Yokai -Tail - Naturals

Naniel Finlayson



OMG! Did you hear.. no better, did you SEE the latest releases by Blacklace? OMG! I definetely adore them, especially the ones in cooperation with Vollers. Erm, you do NOT know Blacklace yet? You have to go check right now, wait, not right now. Better watch the complete post and then hurry to go there :D

In my humble opionion every girl atleast needs one good corset. Why? Just because! Just because they WILL make you look gorgeous and tempting and this one special guy will love it on you. The corsets by Blacklace come in full sets, including stockings, garters and corset on more layers as you can imagine *laughs* which makes every combination possible. (Pssst, hey guys, the stuff is transferable so you can send it to your woman as gift ;) )

I'm working on some more posts about Blacklace. Soon SOON I will be finally on vacation and then I'll be busy with taking pics for you lovelies :D

Btw, I'm searching some stores where I can find posture collars in good quality and preferable not that expensive that I'm broke after I bought one :D Please please if you have an idea, leave me a comment or send me an IM ingame, you'll find me as "Adara Cascarino-DeCuir" (no i couldnt pick a shorter name XD). Thank you so much! :D

Read about the look:

Skin: -Glam Affair - Jadis - Natural - DAMA (for TDR, available til 13th - I think)
Hair: -Glam Affair- [Nero] Hunt - Hair pieces [N] (both)
Hairbase: Tiny Bird - Hair Bases for SL 2.0 blackpack
Eyes: ][ . Ruin . ][ Lupine: Forest
Lashes: =^.^= NIKITA FRIDE - Long EyeLashes Model
Tattoo: ::[Imperio]:: Thorn Tattoo light
Corset: ~Blacklace~ Worship Corset by Voller: Thai Silk & Lace Trim
Shoes: *DD* Stella Dollies Dark - Brown
Choker: PARADISIS: Black Raven
Earrings: +ROZOREGALIA+*MHO*EARRINGS (old Huntgift)
Bracelets: PARADISIS: Black Raven


The Muse

Iki Akiri, the creator behind Violent Seduction, released her latest dress few days ago: Muse.

It's a pretty vintage corset dress which comes in 7 colors. 5 in light pastell and 2 dark ones for the goth in us ;)
Each comes with 3 different skirt-options, bloomers with prim attachements on the leg, corset, bra and pasties and a nice corset-bottom as attachement too. Also included are a fitting collar (not scripted) and stockings stockings to match "your" muse. In my pictures I'm showing you the blood colored one.

Just that I mentioned it: you will need some building skills to make the prims fit your shape.

Also shown in the big picture is a piercing-set by Razorblade Jacket. It's Kehl's huntprice for the MENstuff hunt which started a bit ago.
Girls please note: you will also need some edit-skills to fit the piercings to your ears, but you will be happy with them finally. Who said guys stuff is only for guys? XD

Read about the look:

Skin: B[u]YME Dementia (old Twisted Hunt gift)
Hair: [Shag] - Sylph (old huntgift, recolored)
Eyes: ][ . Ruin . ][ Lupine: Forest
Lashes: (amperlope) sidewinder : lashes
Dress: Violent Seduction - Muse (Blood)
Shoes: *Deviant Designs* Irontail Boots (old Irontail huntgift)
Necklace: ! :Little Pricks: My Gory Valentine
Piercings: -=Razorblade Jacket=- Spiked Ear Piercing (MENstuff gift, out NOW)
Bracelets: *X*plosion BraceletsAndNails GALLANT (black)
Nails: *X*plosion BraceletsAndNails GALLANT (black)

All the pretty colors:
 Please note: The last picture is just a snap of the vendor pictures, all rights reserved by Iki Akiri